65 people in Tanzania dubbed as ‘witchdoctors’ or traditional healers have been put behind bars after being linked to the death of 10 children in January. The bodies found had many parts removed, for some people in Tanzania, and neighboring countries belief using human body parts in rituals can bring forth prosperity.

The inspector general of police, Simon Sirro, has given a directive for all traditional healers to obtain a license.

According to BBC, ten children were killed in south-western Njombe region and an unknown number in the northern Simuyu region.

Good Luck Mfalme, 5 years, was a victim and his grieving parents while talking to BBC said that their son had been deprived of his future.

Poverty in Tanzania is a major reason why this devastating occurrences continue to happen, and believes that this inhumane rituals will better people’s lives.

by Nancy Kuria