Raising a child can be stressful but you have to find a way of instilling good morals to them.

1)Understand why your child is rebellious and what type of rebellion that is.

if your child is young their rebellion is quite childish and is only trying to test your boundaries.

If your child is a teenager you need to take this seriously since they already developed character.

2)Don’t take the rebelling behavior personal.

Always think that them being rebellious has little to do with you.Ensure you don’t solve the problem in an aggressive manner in doing this you’ll be proving the children correct. It will make them believe that its alright to fight or shout in order to solve problems

3)Allow natural consequences to occur

If your child is not attending classes or is misbehaving in school don’t interfere with the punishment ,let them do it don’t make excuses for them to not do the punishment. They need to know that everything they do has consequences.

4)Be reasonable.

Always consider your children’s feelings yet also consider how bad whatever action they have done is.Let the punishment fit the crime and explain it to them why that type of punishment and why that duration.

5)Always be grateful

Whenever your child does something bad it is expected that you will act unhappy but if you never thank your child for any good thing they do no matter how small they will realise that the only way to get your attention is by being rebellious hence encouraging the behavior. Always be thankful when they do their chores right ,when they get good grade s congratulate them and support them when it comes to their talent.

By Jackie Gitau