Break ups are never a walk in a park, it doesn’t matter who decided to cut off the
relationship. As they say ‘time is the best healer’, letting go of someone you used to love can be very painful one needs a lot of time  to go through such an experience, although some try to hide the hurt and give a ‘it didn’t hurt’ attitude, but deep down you are crying for help.

Here are tricks and tips on how to get through a nasty break up:

Out all your pain

Allow yourself to grieve as the result of your loss, we all know having to let go of someone you to love can be very painful. Its always good to grieve but also over grieving again may interfere with the ability to cope with the day to day life, if you are unable to you can involve a friend, a family or even seek psychological help.

Try expressing your feelings in writing

Having the thoughts of “you ain’t a thing anymore’ really disturbs the brain but writing about what you feel works magic it calms the mind, and also helps you process deep  emotions.

Engage yourself in new things

After you’ve processed everything, you can start spending time doing new things and sometimes it is good to hangout with your  friends to have fun it might  seem hard but with time you will get used to it.
Don’t spend your time indoor you might end up triggering the painful emotions which you need to overcome with time.

Taking good care of yourself 

Take care of yourself like you used to before the break up, and not for anyone
but for yourself. It helps you feel better and a bit prepared for what is to come next. My advice is to have enough time to relax, eating well, do some exercises, get some good sleep.

Keep your distance

keep a distance immediately after the break up, whats the point of communicating anyway you should stop texting, sending e-mails I mean cut off all form of communication. You can hide for sometime from people who remind you of your ex like his/her family.

by: Ruth Wangui