The Western region is set to benefit from 200 megawatts of geothermal power as from
March next year, once the transmission lines are complete.

Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETC) managing director Fernandes
Barasa has said the high voltage line which is 300 kilometers long running from
Olkaria to Kisumu is 95 per cent complete, a project costing Sh18 billion cost.

The geothermal connection will see the country saving a huge sum of money from
power imports in Uganda to supply power to the region.

“There is no geothermal power to the area due to lack of transmissions lines,” said Barasa during launching of the Loiyangalani-Suswa transmission power-line project. The power project to Western is expected to hasten the access to power supply for the residents of Western Kenya and to mastermind the anticipated lowering of the cost of power across the country.

Currently the power supply is ranging at 2,651 megawatts installed to the national transmission grid against a demand of 1,802 megawatts annually as at June last year.

John Sadiki, Focus TV.